What is XBALL?

After 2 years of researching, designing and testing materials, we introduced the first 100% recyclable Paintball bullet in the world to Paintball society. This invention has been approved in 6th February 2021 by the registration number of 103649.
Due to it’s noticeable benefits, it has been welcomed by Paintball field’s and players.


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      H.N:29, Asemen Tower, Street No. 15, Barazandeh Avenue, Isfahan, Iran.

    why Xball


    This is our high-quality replacement for paintball. Xball costs far less than paintball, is free of any dyes and chemicals, has an aerodynamic 4-sided design, is environmentally friendly and a lot more.

    Best price

    It generally costs less to play Xball than paintball, so customers can enjoy shooting more pellets at a lower price. In addition, players and clubs report less pain and almost no injuries!


    Beating or, at worst, meeting our client's delivery time schedule is a critical factor in our operations. We take the logistics headache away from our clients so they can focus on having fun.

    Customer Service

    We will take very good care of our customers’ needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high-quality services.

      XBALL benefits and attributes:

      1- The first and only 100% recyclable Paintball sport’s bullet.
      2- Costs far less than Paintball.
      3- Free of any dyes and chemicals.
      4- Aerodynamic 4 sided designing.
      5- Environmental friendly.
      6- Can be stored at a temperature of -50 to +50 cellsios degrees.
      7- Resistant to all atmospheric factors.
      8- Very long shelf life, without expiration date.
      9- Has the ability to wash and disinfect.
      10- Best choice for training professional Paintball teams.

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        Introducing the first 100% recyclable Paintball pellet

        XBALL offer the upmost in quality and professional performance.